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Flowers 18 – Release: 1st July – 2012

Glasgow record label / multi media collective Flowers In The Dustbin launch their mini documentary ‘THE GLASGOW FLOWER SHOW’ with a 15 minute ‘propaganda edition’.

The documentary features Flowers In The Dustbin artists, handpicked guest artists, plus bloggers, journalists, djs and audience members. It is a record of a 2 day live event, and a snapshot of the Glasgow underground music scene. Flowers In The Dustbin believes in these undiscovered gems. They are our inspiration.


Mummy Short Arms, Kick To Kill, For Abel, The Lotus Project, Captain Majestic, I’m Sick

Tom Clarke (GUM / GUST), Ravechild, Loud Horizon / Artrocker, Peenko, Scots Whay Hae, Indiebendent, Sammy B (Live n Unleashed Radio Show), Strathclyde

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