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Flowers In The Dustbin first stumbled across Nevada Base when they booked the band to play one of their earliest gigs. That first gig had many highlights, but perhaps the overriding impression was that the band were making the entire venue dance.

Nevada Base are Albert (voice/guitar), Andy (bass/guitar), Gus (synths/vocoder) and Jay (synths/beats). The music is self-produced, starting with broken old synths salvaged from eBay and repaired by Albert’s electronics wizardry. It’s driven by Gus’ harmonic energy, which pulses to Jay’s robo-beats and is propped-up by Andy’s nimble ninja-bass.

The band have shared bills with the likes of Metronomy, Den Haan, Silver Columns, Late of the Pier, Ewan Pearson, Fenech Soler, Florrie Findo Gask and Memory Tapes… in great venues like King Tuts and the SubClub in Glasgow, as well as the Bongo Club and GRV in Edinburgh.

They’ve also played live at RockNess, the Wee Chill, the West End Festival, the Scottish BAFTA Awards and the Glasgow Subway Festival (which involved playing to passengers live, in a moving train, on the city’s underground transport system).

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